PDL use historic site experience and innovation to provide cost effective solution

Published July 09th 2018

PDL have just completed the installation of a depressurisation system on this midlands water treatment site. The client, a major water company, needed to lower an existing tank as part of critical upgrade works for the site. The system, designed in-house by PDL, reduces the artesian pressure in the underlying mudstone and sandstone in order to allow the tank to be lowered by the contractor.

Having worked previously on this site, PDL were able to bring that experience to bear and produced a cost effective well installation method in addition to providing confidence that the method would work. In addition, by drawing on experience gained on a recent Acid Mine Drainage project, PDL were also able to propose the use of an advanced small footprint, high flow rate, sediment filtration system which was required by the client to remove the risk of discharge of discoloured waters. The use of this new technology, pioneered by PDL in the UK dewatering industry, meant that a substantially cheaper installation and rental cost was achievable.

The system is monitored using a telemetry system and incorporates a 24/7 alarm monitoring system to alert key personnel should groundwater levels or flows hit trigger points. The data is accessible by the client through a web-portal system.