Succeeding where competitors fail

Published June 21st 2018

Project Dewatering (PDL) has been remobilised to site for the next phase of a utility installation project in the north east.

Following the failure to be able to achieve dewatering on this deep sewer installation project by one of our well known competitors, PDL was commissioned ‘at risk’ to demonstrate that dewatering of the foul main excavation was achievable.

PDL subsequently mobilised to site and through the installation of dewatering well points using the PDL RAT 100 well point installation rig, we were able to simply and efficiently install the wellpoints to the correct depth through the challenging ground conditions, something that our competitor was unable to do!

The works were successfully installed and achieved the water drawdown required, demonstrating the technical competence of the PDL team. Our success on this dewatering solution has led to us winning work on the next phase on the project.

PDL was commissioned to dewater the foul main excavation, leading to us winning work on the next phase on the project.

PDL’s RAT 100 well point installation rig