Ground source energy

Specialist services for installing in-ground infrastructure for Ground Source Energy Systems and thermal testing of Ground Source Energy Wells.

Ground source energy

Project Dewatering personnel have a long track record in providing ‘in-ground’ engineering services to the Ground Source Energy industry, having been involved in more than 50 projects over the past 15 years. Through continuous delivery of projects on time and budget, and to the satisfaction of our customers, Project Dewatering has a well-regarded reputation which generates an ongoing series of ‘repeat business’ projects from our partners.

Project Dewatering provide specialist services to clients involved in designing and installing ground source energy systems by applying our skills from other areas of our business. Typically, we are involved in open-loop schemes, but can also provide a thermal response testing service for closed-loop wells.

Project Dewatering are able to provide a full package of ‘in-ground’ works including:

  • Borehole drilling
  • Well development by airlift and acidisation
  • Thermal response testing of closed-loop systems
  • Pump tests to allow application of an Environment Agency abstraction licence
  • Installation and commissioning of permanent borehole equipment (pumps, pipework and controls)
  • Maintenance of wells and borehole equipment
  • Well rehabilitation